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Americare was founded in 1994 by the original owner who sold her interest to Martha Valencia in 1998.  Martha grew Americare from a small company into the well rounded home health agency, primary home care, and DME that exists today.  Due to Martha’s efforts, Americare now employees over 230 employees, who have seen over 14,000 patients, and have made close to 1,000,000 home visits.  Americare now proudly provides  specialized programs, such as, behavioral health, health and wellness coaching, lymphedema, private duty skilled nursing, remote patient monitoring, social work, and wound care, and more.  Due to her efforts, Martha was recognized by the Texas State Senate in Senate Resolution No. 893 as an outstanding businesswoman and philanthropist of 2011.

Because of the challenges that our healthcare system is facing and the Affordable Care Act, we have developed a Health and Wellness System that includes coaching and numerous other specialized programs designed to provide the best possible care at home. This home healthcare model especially benefits those that are very sick by using preventive strategies, thus  improving patient outcomes.

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• Promotes recovery, and reduces unnecessary re-admissions. (Avalere Study 2008)
• Honors your loved one’s dignity and independence. Ninety percent of seniors want to age-in-place.
• Is personalized and keeps families together.
• Is safe, maintains the quality of life, and delivers better outcomes.
• Is the oldest, most respected form of health care, saves money, and is the future of healthcare.

Whatever you decide about caring for your loved ones, just remember this – if you fail to take the necessary steps to prevent problems now – your loved one may end up permanently, in a costly institution, providing substandard care.

Specialized Programs:  Health & Wellness Coaching, Remote Patient Monitoring, Behavioral Services, Wound Care Management, Lymphedema, Social Services, PHC, Private Duty, and more…


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