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Americare Nursing Services “There’s No Place Like Home”

When faced with the daunting task of care giving, many do not know where to begin. In fact, the answer may be as simple as letting Mom & Dad stay put — helping them age comfortably and gracefully at home. Home care is not always the best solution for every eldercare situation, particularly if the home environment is unsafe or if your parent requires intensive medical care. However, for millions of American families, home care is a sure bet.

To help our patients on their recovery and to better serve the doctors in the community, we have instituted at Americare Nursing Services, a number of innovative programs all run and managed by Highly trained (Board/Cert) and experienced professionals.

The programs include:

• Psychiatric/Behavioral Health
• Wound Care/Lymphatic Management
• In-house Social Service/Wellness Coaching
• Remote Patient Monitoring for the high risk and chronically ill
• Primary Home Care (PHC)
• Palliative Care

Lymphatic Disease Management ACNS

I am a Certified Lymphatic Therapist and the Wound Care Coordinator here at AmeriCare Nursing Services. We are constantly striving to expand and increase our knowledge and training to be a valuable asset to our Patients and Physicians. One of our latest endeavors has been in Lymphatic Disease Management. Lymphedema is a complicated chronic illness that often goes misdiagnosed or treated improperly.

For more information on how we can help manage your Lymphedema, call AmeriCare today. 

Americare Nursing Services Wound Care Program

Wound Care & Management Services –  At Americare Nursing Services we understand excellent patient care equals to positive outcomes. We care about your health and understand that sometimes wound care recovery can be frustrating and painful. Our team of physicians, wound certified nurses, and technicians are highly trained to treat the most adamant wounds and will provide you with a comprehensive wound management plan. With our Wound Care Management program we can assure you fast satisfactory recoveries at home.

To find out more about our program please call us at 1-877-227-2939

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