Functional Roles of AmeriCare Nursing Services Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Adjuvant Therapy

Occupational therapy is a professional patient-centered healthcare concerned with promoting mental health and well being through occupation.

Its primary focus is to enable people to take active part in everyday life and be a potential citizen. In this, Americare Nursing Service’s Occupational therapist work with communities to engage in their yearned occupations and enhance their skills. They enhance and endorse people potential skills to support their occupational engagement and help them lead a productive and satisfying life.

Breaking Obstructive Barriers

The key function of ACNS Occupational therapy is to evaluate and then break down hurdles impeding in occupational activities of individuals by addressing community, environment and psycho-social factors that influence function. An Occupational therapist helps in overcoming individual’s disability through effective solutions;

  • Physical abilities evaluation including, strength, coordination and poise.
  • Mental abilities assessment including, memory check, coping and associating strategies.
  • Skills potentials according to physical and mental abilities
  • Gathering and providing social and moral support to become positively effective person for society.
  • Assistance in physical setup for working environment and strategies for prevention of injuries.

Crucial Additional Treatment

As an essential accomplice in the healthcare infrastructure, ACNS physical therapists have leadership roles in health maintenance, prevention, rehabilitation and fitness to provide good quality of life related to health. ACNS physical therapists provide care for people multiple setups including hospitals, outpatient clinics, private practices, nursing homes and other rehab facilities. They require state licensure to practice.

Chief responsibilities of a Physical therapist include;

  • Assess, Diagnose and evaluate movement dysfunction and improve physical functional abilities.
  • Restore and maintain optical function with wellness and optimal quality of life.
  • Check and prevent symptoms and progression of impairments, functional limitations and disabilities resulted from injuries, diseases, disorders or surgeries.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a category of rehabilitative healthcare that is referred to specially designed exercises and equipments to help in improvement and recovery of physical abilities of patients.

It is usually abbreviated as PT. Physical therapy is appropriate for patients from infants to elderly patients suffering from birth defects, sciatica, injury, and surgery or post stroke.

Additional Therapy

Additional therapy is given specifically with post-cancer treatment to lower the risk of tumor return. It is required with chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiation therapy, biological and targeted therapy.

Additional or Adjuvant therapy is mostly applied after primary cancer treatments such as surgery or radiation. It is further classified as Neoadjuvant therapy that is given before main cancer treatment.