Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health patients can endure tremendous emotional stress and incur extremely high medical costs, as these patients are typically non-compliant, frequently experience multiple co-morbidities, and have the highest mortality rate of any medical group.

Patients may struggle to maintain psychological health as they cope with diabetes, high blood pressure, paralysis, and other medical conditions. It is imperative that these patients receive mental health services to ensure that they can sustain high quality of life medical care.

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral healthcare is a term that specifies the full range of mental and emotional well-being. Behavioral problems are evaluated from the basics of coping-up everyday challenges and emotional disturbance to the treatment of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, personality disorder or other addictive behaviors.

Behavioral healthcare includes an extensive range of providers and treatments. Determining the level and type of behavioral health conditions may require a service provider, such as Psychiatric nurse specialist, therapist, and counselors. Each service provider may specialize in individual therapy to gain expertise.

Common behavioral health diagnosis is evaluated with symptoms, clinical assessments and treatment. Some major behavioral health issues include Alcohol and Drug abuse, Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Eating disorders, Post traumatic stress and post partum depression support, Life counseling programs.

Types of Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Every human on earth gets distressed with a behavioral issue, at least once in their lifetime. Behavioral health issues can affect your mood and thoughts; this could tend to severe mental illness which is hard to treat. Therefore, seeking a behavioral healthcare provider can help you in several ways to gain a better life quality. Other than clinical psychologist and Professional Psychiatrists, You can seek professional help from any of the following service providers according to your condition.

Certified Psychiatric Nurse Specialists

They are Accredited Psychiatric nurses of Master level with an additional certification in behavioral health by National healthcare ministry. They are experts in psychotherapy and medication managements and are eligible to evaluate behavioral disorders.

Behavioral Health Counselors

They hold a Master’s degree in professional counseling. They are categorized as pastoral counselor, supervised health counselor and licensed professional counselors. Usually, they are accredited with limited licensure therefore they require a written physician (MD or DO) referral prior to the initial visit. Behavioral health counselors are eligible to perform therapy and counseling, but they are not authorized for medical prescription.

Professional Therapist

They are certified after earning master’s level professional degree in counseling with prominence on family and marriage therapy, post traumatic emotional therapy or child behavioral therapy. They help in evaluation and ravel family issues to maintain family or marriage, integrity and personal peace of mind; however they are not eligible for prescribing medication.

Consulting Nurse Service

Consulting nurse service is a mobile and online service provided to get immediate medical attention and advice. They provide online counseling with secure message feature to receive primary behavioral healthcare benefits. These services are offered for members of online healthcare services.

Facts About Mental Health Disorders And Costs Of Healthcare

  • The average cost of a hospital stay for a mood disorder in 2014 is $8,404
  • 15% of the cost of ALL disease involves mental health issues, which drains our economy of$80B every year.
  • 20% of individuals over age 55 experience a mental health disorder.
  • 25% of your average PCP's patients have undiagnosed mental health issues.
  • 33% + of your average PCP's patients have mental health issues and the majority of these are undiagnosed.
  • 49% of disabled Medicaid beneficiaries have a mental illness.
  • Mental illnesses and substance abuse are more common than cancer, diabetes, and heart
  • 76 million people suffer from major depressive episodes each year.
  • People with serious mental illness die 25 years sooner than the general population, and are more susceptible to other chronic illnesses.

Why prescribe Telemedicine?

Mental health patients also benefit the most from Telemedicine. Our behavioral health program reduces your ACO's cost and increases your profit by:

  • Using the most cost effective resources to reduce exacerbations and unnecessary 30-day re admissions.
  • Enabling your physicians to treat mental health issues without referring to more costly
  • Attracting more patients, caregivers, and payor sources.

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