Pediatric Child Care

Pediatrics is one of the finest medical specialties. The work requires pediatrician constantly around children and serve to your health, and here which occurs one of the biggest advantages of this profession.

Reading and humor are elements of daily routine, which creates a warm relationship with patients often endure over time. In addition, since the pediatrician becomes rather a trusted voice and the reference for parents.

Our Pediatric services cater for children up to the end of adolescence. They are led by a manager in charge of a hospital medial team of doctors, physicians attached (city pediatricians making hospital visits) and internal. Doctors usually perform a visit in the morning and a visit to the afternoon.

The practice team is the other part of the pediatric ward. It is headed by a senior nurse who works in collaboration with the department head. The paramedical team includes nurses, nursery nursery nurses, childcare assistants, service agents and administrative staff. Nurses and nursery nurses watch over the young patients, carry out the treatment prescribed by doctors, and explain to the children and their parents.

The aides and childcare assistants contribute to the care and supervision of children, help with meals, toileting and preparation room and bed Service. Our agency welcomes patients and their parents and help in the administrative process.

The staff of these two teams take turns day and night to provide medical surveillance around twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Every morning, a meeting of this personnel contributes to review each hospitalized child and his treatments.