Primary Home Care (PHC)

Our Specialized Services are: PAS, CAS, Family Care, and PCS

Personal Assistance Services/Provider Services (PAS) - Personal Assistance Services (PAS) at AmeriCare Nursing Services provide non-skilled services at the comfort of the clients’ home. PAS is available to those who have medical problems, which do not allow them to perform their daily activity task. Tasks are performed by attendants that are trained to assist with the patients authorized task making their life at home pleasant, healthy and safe needs.

Personal assistance services attendants assist with the following daily activity tasks:

  • Feeding/Eating
  • Grooming
  • Routine Hair/Skin Care
  • Transfer
  • Shaving or Oral Care
  • Toileting
  • Cleaning
  • Walking
  • Escort
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Assist with self Medication
  • PAS (Personal Assistance Services)

    To qualify for PHC services an individual must:

    •  Have multiple physical
    •  Have full Medicaid (MQMB) or Traditional Medicaid
    •  Be approved by the State of Texas

    PCS (Personal Care Services)

    To qualify for PCS services an individual must:

    •  Be a child with disabilities from 2 to 21 years of age
    •  Have full Medicaid (MQMB) or Traditional Medicaid
    •  Be approved by the State of Texas

    Be approved by a physician

    CAS (Community Attendant Services)

    To qualify for CAS services an Individual must:

    •  Have multiple physical limitation
    •  Have partial Medicaid (QMB) and Medicare
    •  Be approved by the State of Texas

    FC (Family Care)

    FC is a Federal Funded Program:

    •  Private Pay can be managed through a Long-Term Care Insurance or out-of-pocket.

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    Personal Assistance Services are also known as “Caregiver Relief”. Here at AmeriCare Nursing Services we understand that Did you know family members are concerned about the well-being of their family and therefore try to give them as much attention and care as possible. With that said we also understand that family members (caregiver) also need help (relief) caring for their loved ones, hence the name “Caregiver Relief”. So you see our services are not only there for the patient, but for the family members as well.

    Who may benefit and/or qualify for these services? Over 70% of all Medicare beneficiaries in the RGV are dual eligible. Any patient who has at least partial Medicaid and medical necessity may qualify for some assistance. This means there is a large pool of patients who can benefit from PHC and related services. In turn, PHC and related programs may be able to help prevent more serious medical issues and may help reduce hospital readmissions.

    Why consider Personal Assistance Services?

    AmeriCare Nursing Services focuses on helping the patient maintain dignity, and independence at the comfort of Dr prescribing medicine their home delivering the best outcomes in the clients’ well-being. We accomplish this by helping the patient with the ADLs which may include assistance with medication reminders, meal preparation, exercising (walking) and hygiene. We train our providers to report any issues, which reduces unnecessary Emergency Department (ED) visits, and readmissions. Our providers also encourage patients to see their doctor when necessary, and help arrange transportation. Through our provider services we maintain optimal contact and communication with the patient, which is accomplished through home visits as needed.

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