Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring program can be used to deliver healthcare services to patients regardless of their physical location or condition. Telemedicine practices have been proven by research to provide patients with better health outcomes and healthcare cost savings.

Doctors can communicate with patients via Telemedicine to consult on physical and mental checkups to ensure greater medical well-being. This approach allows tailored medical examination according to a patient’s medical care plan.

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Why prescribe Remote Patient Monitoring?

Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program can deliver an immediate ROI to your ACO!

  •  Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program can deliver an immediate ROI to your ACO.
  •  Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) provides value by avoiding or reducing penalties, such as 30-Day Readmissions, and VBP
    (Value Based Purchasing), etc.
  •  In many cases, the cost of RPM to the ACO and Medicare is $0.00.
  •  RPM brings in addition revenue to your physicians at no cost to the ACO because the reimbursement comes from Medicaid, NOT Medicare.
  •  GeHS (Americare’s service provider) has saved one ACO $1,630.63 per patient per month based on reimbursement and prior utilization.
  •  RPM improves patient outcomes, and lowers unnecessary 30 day readmissions.
  •  RPM delivers one of the lowest cost to ROI ratios of any intervention readily available.
  •  Homebound status IS NOT A REQUIRMENT for reimbursement.
  •  49%+ of all Medicare beneficiaries in the RGV are fully qualified MQMBs.
  •  90%+ of PHC patients may also qualify for telehealth (Remote Patient Monitoring RPM).

For more information on how to obtain Remote Patient Monitoring you may feel to contact one of our health care specialists at 1-877-227-2939